Saturday, January 28, 2012

OPI Fly and sloppy stampin'!

It's been hectic for the past few days so I've been slacking on my posts, sorry! Today's mani was one of my favorites to date, and once I can learn to perfect my stamping I will definitely try this one out again.

First, a swatch of OPI-Fly. I'm so in love with this color, and I definitely need a full size bottle instead of the mini that I have. It photographed too brightly, IRL it is a deeper teal and so gorgeous!

1 coat Nail Envy, 2 coats OPI-Fly, 1 coat SV. EASY CLEANUP!!!

I added some stamping and loved the tribal look combined with this color. I had a lot of trouble with this stamp so I'm only showing you my shorter right hand instead of my beautiful long left hand because the stamp was so messed up.
Any suggestions on how to master stamps like this, that need to be aligned just right?
What's on your nails right NOW?!


  1. Omg gorgeous! Gorgeous nails, gorgeous color, gorgeous polishing, and even gorgeous stamping! (Who cares if it's not perfect? =P ) What plate is that?

  2. love it and on my nails is the exact same colour :)

  3. @Nonailstoday- Thank youuuuu!!!! The plate is BM-221. I'm thinking I need to order those Red Angel plates soon, the images are so cute!!
    @Kim-Thank you! And aren't you just in love with this polish?!

  4. @Layne: Wow I didn't even realize that BM-221 looked so pretty! I will definitely have to try it out asap. =)

    OMG yes get the RA plates! I have a fauxnad set and both BM sets and I still think the RA plates are worth having. They're different and the images are really cool. =)

  5. I would not call this failed stamping:) plates, IMO, that have wider and narrow grooves are hard to work with.
    I use the side of my nail, by cuticles as a line to measure straightness.
    These stamps need to be worked fast to fully transfer AND they often require cleaning in between each application so as not to lose parts of the design.
    Use the edges of your nails as guides though, and you could have fooled me because I would say your stamping IS perfectly even! :)

  6. I am very in love with this polish. With a top coat of SV I was actually able to get almost 4 full days without tip wear :) which rarely happens. I also had many people comment on the colour too :)

  7. @nonailstoday- agreed! I am on a semi-no buy right now but I think I HAVE to slip up for the RA plates and CG Hunger Games collection!
    @Marta-Thank you for the advice, and the compliment-means alot coming from a stamping expert! Seriously, you do some awesome stamping!!
    @Kim-I noticed the same thing, very little tip wear!!