Friday, January 20, 2012

Zoya Kalista

Today I'm showing you 1 of 2 free polishes I got from Zoya's New Years deal! ( I paid 6.95 for shipping) These were my first Zoya's, the one that I'll show you tomorrow has been on my wish list for a long time, but this one was a different story.. I browsed through Zoya's website foreverrrrr it seemed, looking at their samples then googling swatches of the polishes and changing my mind because they looked so much different on the swatches than the website. Finally I gave up and picked a random polish off the screen without bothering to look up swatches. I was so pleasantly surprised when my polishes showed up in the mail and I got to paint this beauty on my nails! I would probably never have bought this polish in a store, but I've fallen in love!
So, here is Zoya Kalista:

1 coat OPI-Nail Envy followed by 2 coats of Kalista and SV.

So pretty! Zoya's website describes the polish as follows: " Dark espresso brown with plum-purple undertones and strong golden shimmer. Choose this when you want maximum fall glamour with minimal effort."
I'm thinking I need to break out my CND Effects polishes to do some layering with Kalista!

Did you order your 2 free Zoya's, and what did you choose?!


  1. so pretty! I bought 'Robyn' & 'Gabrielle', but I like yours more! haha

  2. i got edyta and valerie but still waiting on them to arrive

  3. I was so anxious for mine to arrive, hope you get yours soon!!