Friday, October 28, 2011

Pastel Polka Dots

Today's post was a little frustrating for me. Normally I do dots freehand, but I've been trying to work on my stamping more so I used a BornPretty plate. I am still struggling with stamping my full nail, but I know it will take a lot of practice. I had to do some double stamping and alot of help came from cleaning up with a brush and acetone. Anyway, enough babble, here is the mani..

I used an unknown shade from China Glaze as the base, then stamped with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and topped it off with SV.
*Did this mani about 2 days ago so there is a little wear and tear.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Few Randoms

Here are a couple random mani's I have done in the past few months...

The idea for this came from Sammy @ The Nailasaurus, just added my own little touch with the glitter seperating the half-moons. I used Ulta- Set the Nude as the base, taped off with hole reinforcers and topped with OPI-Alpine Snow. I seperated the moons with a nail art striper and used a top coat of SV.

On this mani I used China Glaze- Re-Fresh Mint as the base, taped off with China Glaze- Four Leaf Clover. I stamped with CND-Blackjack and used SV as the topcoat.

I would also like to add a big thank you to Sarah @ Chalkboard Nails for all her help with my blog, and becoming my very first follower! She does amazing nail art and I love reading her posts!

Pink Mummy

Another take on Nailside's tape manis..

Base is OPI-Dim Sum Plum, stripes are OPI-Extravagance. Love this color combo!

Fruity Fishnets

Don't really know where I was going with this mani, the design made more sense in my head. I do like the way it turned out, and the inspiration came from the Summer Chic mani post from Chloes Nails:

I did a fishnet stamp with CND-Blackjack over a coat of OPI-Nail Envy, then did a top coat of SV. Did freehand tips with China Glaze-Four Leaf Clover then glued the limes on with topcoat.


I started doing Halloween manis at the end of September and may have burnt myself out..Hopefully I can do one more before Monday, but time will tell! For now here are a few from earlier this month:

The blood and ghosts are freehand, spiders and skulls are stamps, and the Trick or Treat is a water decal from the OPI minis Halloween collection. Used: OPI-Skull and Glossbones, CND-Blackjack, and OPI-Big Apple Red

Pinky was freehand, base color is China Glaze-Four Leaf Clover, Ring is a Jelly Sandwich with an unknown OPI as the base, OPI-Spark de Triomphe, and CND-Just Red on top. Middle finger is taped, Ulta- Sun-Sational, unknown OPI, and OPI-Alpine Snow. Pointer is OPI-Gargantuan Green Grape layered with China Glaze-Zombie Zest and Color Club-Object of Envy and taped off with CND Blackjack. Thumb is the same unknown OPI and a black nail art pen.


I got bored with it, of course, and added a few water decals the next day.

Candy Stripes

I love the tape mani's from Chloe's Nails and Nailside.. Here is my spin on them with some pastel colors:

China Glaze-Go Go Pink, OPI-Skull and Glossbones, Color Club-Take Me To Your Chateau

A Vintage Feel

This is a favorite of mine.. LOVE the color and the overall look with the stamping reminds me of 70's vintage or something.. What do you think??

OPI-Gargantuan Green Grape stamped with CND-Blackjack


Going through all my old photos to catch up with this new blog..
Here is some freehand I did on my sister Kari a while ago:

Base is Ulta Fuschiamania. Pinky-OPI Skull and Glossbones and CND Blackjack, Ring-Gradient of Ulta- Tink-Her-Bell, Middle-Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and randoms for Hello Kitty, Pointer-OPI White Shatter, Thumb-Skull and Glossbones

Pink Pretties

This is the manicure I did yesterday, I've seen this color and stamping combo all over and have been dying to try it. Loved the way it turned out, so pretty!

I used China Glaze Go Go Pink and Sally Hansen Whirlwind White for the stamp.

First Post!

Welcome to my blog, dedicated to my addiction to nail polish and nail art!
My first post is an old manicure from the 'vault'..

The base is China Glaze Go Go Pink, taped off and accented with China Glaze High Hopes.
I stamped with BornPretty plates and added pink rhinestones.

This is my first attempt at blogging, so I appreciate any feedback!