Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zoya Ivanka

Here is part 2 of my free Zoya 'purchase.' I first saw this polish before I had my blog, on several different sites. I have loved it since the first swatch! I wish the pictures were more color accurate, but I had no sunlight :( I will definitely re-swatch this outside on a sunny day!

1 coat OPI-Nail Envy, followed by 1 coat of OPI-Jade Is the New Green, 2 coats of Ivanka and 1 coat of SV. The polish is sheer so I would reccomend layering over something else! It also looks gorgeous over black.

This photo is the most color-accurate that I captured. The polish definitely flashes a beautiful yellow IRL.

Zoya's website describes Ivanka as: "Mermaid green sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for summer."
I agree with that but I must say, I wish I had this polish over the holidays because I would have been wearing it all the time!
What are your favorite Zoya's?


  1. gorgeous! good for st. patty's day coming up :)

  2. Look at you rocking out in this green!!! I agree with you, it is both festive and "mermaid-y".
    I only have a few Zoya's but I truly like them... among my favourites are black "Raven", Red "Sooki" and the gold/silver/beige "Jules".
    Lovely swatch, as usual ;)

  3. Thanks girls! I definitely agree, this will probably be my go-to-green when St. Patty's is closer :) And Marta, I think I'll have to go find some swatched for 'Jules'. Sounds like a pretty!