Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve!

This post has no nail photos, just a recap of my night.. So read no further if you were looking for a polish post :)

I had a request to show the dress I was SUPPOSED to wear with my matching nails.. I didn't end up wearing it because it just wasn't working for me that night. Here's a pic just so you know how cute my nails would have looked with it:

And the dress I ended up wearing:

All the girls:

Cute picture of my boyfriend, Miguel, with Nancy. (His sister, who I consider my own)

My favorite bartender Erin and
I, she is also my DIY crafting buddy.

At midnight!

My sister is the best at photobombs.


So there you go, a little peek into my NYE night. I don't post alot of personal photos on here so just thought I would let you see a different side of me, rather than just nails.
What did you all do to ring in the New Year??

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  1. How cute are you! Thank you for sharing these! It is always so lovely to put a face to the blogger :D you know, get a peek at who is behind those lovely nails :D

    Looks like it was a lovely night! :D