Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rainbow Connection

Sorry for the delay of posts this week! My car was totaled recently so I have been extremely stressed with applying for a loan and searching for a new car. I finally found a beautiful Jeep Liberty and if all goes well I will be going to pick it up tomorrow (so excited)! That also means I will have much more time to photograph and blog now :)

Here are the nails I wore last week, needless to say I was in love and wish I could wear these every day, but they are such a hassle to remove, even with the foil method. I also wish I had some sunlight to photograph the true amazingness of these beauties!

This photo doesn't even begin to peek into the sparkly awesomeness that this manicure was IRL. I might have to wear it again for my 21st birthday on Tuesday!
I used 1 coat OPI-Nail Envy followed by 1 coat of CND-Blackjack and 3 coats of OPI-Animal Connection. Then 1 coat of SV.

A random picture of my natural nails.

And a bottle shot of the beautiful Rainbow Connection!
Hope you all have a great Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. Oh Layne, I'm SO sorry to hear about your car!!! I hope things start looking up and you drive off in your lovely Jeep ;)
    This manicure is so pretty! I have rainbow connection and haven't played with it yet? Why?

  2. sorry to hear about your old car, but YAY for a new one! I love this polish. I recently bought a Finger Paints that reminds me very much of it. I didn't want to take it off, either :)

  3. @Marta, I did get my new jeep- ahhhh so exciting!! I finally caved and bought Rainbow Connection last week after telling myself for so long that I didn't need it :) Boy, was I wrong!! Hope you're having a great time in Poland, can't wait for you to be back in our little blogging world!!
    @Simply- I saw the Finger Paints one on your blog, gorgeous!!! I'm so obsessed with glitter right now!

  4. I literally just read this post and immediately went to ebay to buy rainbow connection. Very pretty!

  5. @TheCollegiateNail- That's awesome!! You won't be dissapointed :) I really couldn't stop staring at my nails when wearing this mani, I wish I could have captured the true sparkliness in the pictures though!!

  6. You have beautiful nails! I love the length and shape.