Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini-Haul Post!

Today I have pics from the mini-haul I picked up last week.

OPI-Yall Come Back Ya Hear?
And older polish but one I've wanted for a while, so I can make some more jelly sandwiches!

OPI-Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?
A gorgeous nude with an even greater formula. This can finally replace my Ulta-Set the Nude, which is one of my favorite shades ever but has a nasty clumpy formula.

Mini-Red Lights Ahead...Where? from the OPI Holland Collection

Mini-Pedal Faster Suzi! from the OPI Holland Collection
Can't wait to use this gorgeous, soft, shimmery pink!

Mini-Kiss Me On My Tulips! from OPI Holland
(Already in love with this one)

Mini-I Have a Herring Problem from OPI Holland.
I don't know if I will ever use this other than to swatch, I'm not fond of the dusty blues.

A beautiful deep grey that can be a careful one-coater. I think this will be great for stamping!

OPI-Last Friday Night
Of course my glitter-obsessed soul had to have this polish in my collection!

Do you own any of these beauties, what's your opinion on them?


  1. I have I Have a Herring Problem and I love it. I think once you see how awesome the formula is it might grow on you ;) that's a great haul though, im very jealous!

    1. I think you might be right, I'll have to try it out before I really decide!!

  2. Hi Layne, I am new to your blog after following the link from your guest post at Chit Chat Nails. Liking your style! I have OPI Last Friday Night which I only selected it when it was buy one get one free otherwise probably wouldn't have picked it up. Man am I glad I did! It can be layed over everything. Today I have it just as an accent nail over OPI Rumple's Wiggin' and really happy with it, it looks great over black like a form of galaxy nail without all the effort! Also waiting for some of the Holland collection in the mail - can't wait. Anyway I will stop cloggin up your blog with my ramblings. Thanks for sharing, Jewells

    1. Hi Jewells, thanks for looking at my blog and welcome!! I think I definitely need to layer it over black first, I think you're right- it would look awesome and kind of galaxy-like!! Thanks for the comment :)