Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm alive!

Sorry to be M.I.A. for almost a MONTH!! I'm back to catch you up on some nail art and what's been going on in my life..
I landed a job at an amazing salon and spa in town, I'm still training but am so excited to start taking my own clients in the next few weeks. I'm more than thrilled about this oppurtunity, I've been out of the salon environment for almost 2 years, and I'm so ready to dive back in and get to use my creative side at work! I'll be wearing Shellac so that my manis will stay on while I work, so sadly I won't be able to blog as much, unless I'm using photos from the vault or nail wheel art.
Now on to some nail photos!

Tried out a new watermark for this one, the rest of the photos aren't even edited or watermarked because I'm way too lazy. I used CND Blackjack and OPI Alpine Snow and a dotting tool for this look.

CND Blackjack and an unknown China Glaze with gold studs from Aerial.

Another look with larger studs.

One of my favorite shades ever, China Glaze Peachy Keen, to match my outfit for one of my best friend's weddings.

The shoes.

Some bottle shots from organizing my stash.

A spring-inspired manicure. I used China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, and stamped with CND Blackjack.

Hope you enjoyed this post and that I can come back with some more photos soon!


  1. WEEEEEE~! You don't don't know how excited I am that you are back to blogging!!!!
    I hope all things are settling in and you're doing well.
    What an overload of gorgeous manicures!... where do I even start... the last one I think is my favourite but I love the gems and dots too!
    WEEEE... SO EXCITED THAT YOU'RE BACK (wait... I said that already? ;) )

  2. Welcome back!

    I only just followed your blog but have gone through a bunch of your older posts and I have to say: I LOVE YOUR NAILS. They`re beautiful! :) In this post, I love the first black and white dotted manicure, especially that your accent nail is your pinky. Very nice! I don`t see that very often and I really like it.

  3. i love all of your posts, especially the spotty one!

    i nominated you for the Leibster blog award! check out the link to my blog and pass on the happiness :) x

  4. That pink ChG with the gold studs is absolutely beautiful!!!!!